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Car hire Stockholm

Car hire Stockholm. Här hittar du alla lokala sökresultat och lokal information för Car hire Stockholm.


The Thefts of Nick Velvet kr
Thirteen stories of outrageous heists starring one smooth thief. The dictator of the island of Jabali wants a baseball team, and he doesn't care how he gets it. He has assembled nine of the finest players on the island, and is about to hire Nick Velvet to steal him some competition. Ordinary thieves might not

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My Hollywood kr
Claire, a composer and a new mother, comes to Los Angeles so that her husband can follow his dream of writing television comedy. With Paul working all hours and Claire left with the baby, William, whom she adores but has no idea how to care for, they hire Lola, a fifty-two-year-old mother of five who works in

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The Jade Venus kr
Hoodlums steal a worthless painting, and Kent Murdock wants to know why. A collection of valuable Italian paintings finds its way to Boston, placed in the care of Professor Andrade. Before passing them to a museum, the professor hires newspaper photographer Kent Murdock to document them. On his way to the

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My Italian Bulldozer kr
Food writer Paul Stuart is heading to the idyllic town of Montalcino in the Tuscan hills to escape a failed relationship and to finish an already late book. But on arrival in Italy things quickly take a turn for the worse when he discovers that his hire car is nowhere to be found and it looks...

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The Dirt Peddler kr
Arrogant and homophobic Tony T. Tunderew, author of a muckraking bestseller, hires Dick Hardesty to look into blackmail threats he's been receiving. When Tunderew and a male hustler die in a mysterious car crash, Dick's investigation reveals Tunderew was working on a new book exposing an evangelical

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Tender Loving Care kr
Michael loves his wife, but after the tragic accident to their daughter Lillian, Miriam was untouchable, like a dream. Desperate, hoping that his living nightmare will finally end, and yearning to lie once again in the arms of his beautiful wife, Michael hires a nurse to care for his beloved. But though Nurse

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